Articulating Ball Hitch

Product Details

–  Refer to the ABH Size Table below to see which hitch meets your needs! –

With the 600 HP plus tractors our industry has reached the limits of a steel to steel drawpin/ring connection. Only by increasing contact area can we prolong the life of the tractor drawpin and implement ring hitch.

This quick change option of the AB Hitch is unique as no tools are required! If the operator does not want to change out the spherical bushing, an optional flanged bushing drops in the ball to reduce the drawpin hole size for smaller tractor drawpins. Simple and cost effective – an Industry exclusive!

Farmers are the driving force of this improvement, demanding a better connection while reducing their costs of replacing old style ring hitches, and expensive tractor drawpins. Implement manufactures are adopting the AB Hitch on their implements as it addresses the age old problem of wear and too much play in the connection. Simply turn the spherical bushing half a turn to take out and replace with a new bushing that matches the category of tractor.


Canadian Patent No. 2,776,026
US Patent No. 8,833,792

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